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If you don’t write your story, who will? Someone is waiting for you to share your story of overcoming adversity!

But have you thought to yourself, "I'm too busy, I have so many ideas but don't know what to write about, I'm not a writer?

If you can relate to any of that, then this special guide is going to be a game-changer for you.

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    What Clients are Saying

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    He knows just the right questions to ask in order to pull your story out of your heart and onto paper to create the vision of your book. I love the way he keeps us abreast of the timelines.

    β€” Nina White

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    With his bite sized action steps, I have been able to make progress right from the start. His passion is undeniable and it feels amazing to have someone equally invested and excited about my project.

    β€” Briana Banks



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    A timely book, all men will benefit from reading. Great insight on finances, spirituality, health, and professional development.

    β€” Kenneth Fontenot

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    Reading through β€œ101 Things Every Man Should Know” has placed me in a good position to not only improve my life, but how to love others better and create a life I’m proud of.

    β€” Tim Packard

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    Men in this world need this book & women need to read it to pick the right kind of man!

    β€” Denice Kennedy

    FAQ's about the Book


    Dak Frederick is a Retired U.S. Marine. He holds a Counseling Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Liberty University and a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Ashford University. He's a member of the International Association of Publishers Writer and Editors.

    He believes in the power of consistently making good choices and developing winning habits. In his spare time (or his IG account) you can catch him behind a piano, playing jazz on the saxophone, or singing gospel music. His faith and family is what keeps him rooted.